Friday, July 29, 2005

Fun things

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Happy Birthday to you!! have a wonderful day!
from a fellow birthday girl - Kori
and her mom Karola

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Monday, July 25, 2005

There goes summer

Feeling Chillin'

I've finally started knitting again after quite a break. For some reason I just haven't wanted to pick up my needles or fondle my yarn. I just don't know what on earth has been wrong with me. I am a yarn addict and love feeling it moving between my fingers and patting it whilst trying to think of something to make with it. My head is usally fizzing with unmade items and shapes that I want to try to recreate, but nothing seemed to be there. The thought of knitting has just left me feeling blah. I've done everything possible not to knit. When I've felt the urge to be creative, I've just made cards and glued, stamped, embossed and glittered until the urge went away.
Suddenly last week the urge to pick up my needles was strong and I dragged out some yarn and sat for a couple of hours and it felt good. I went to my stitch and bitch group and it was great to be able to speak the same language as others, instead of being on my own I was with like minded people again. Does this sound pathetic? Or is it a need that every person has? I love my family, I love my home and yet the craft that I love felt as though it was just another chore to be ignored. Maybe I've been in a rut, and am slowly climbing out of it. Maybe it has been the thought of having my mother in law come to stay for 2 weeks and nagging the hell out of me ( now that's another story). I've no idea what caused it, but am sure glad that I've found my way back.

On a lighter note, today is my 18th wedding anniversary, and my 2nd daughter's 15th birthday. My beloved bought me a lovely sapphire braclet, earring and necklace set. It's so delicate and light and I love it. I bought him a bluetooth headset for his mobile phone. I know a strange gift, but one he appreciated and is overjoyed with. My husband and his gadgets are infamous. Even his pals call him "Inspector" (Gadget).

#2 daughter was overjoyed with her present. We bought her a new bass guitar to go with her acoustic and lead that she already owns. She had friends come round and I prepared a buffet for them all.

Dh wanted to go out, but after getting everything ready and spending all afternoon cooking, then going out is the last thing on my mind.