Monday, June 15, 2015

Funny old year

It's been a strange year so far. Lots of ups and downs, but it's slowly getting back on track.

Last year I was working for an oil company and decided that I was fed up and wanted to leave the rat race behind to look after my grand daughter and maybe do something different with my life.

The first few months were quite uneventful and I must admit to getting a little stir crazy. I love being with my granddaughter, but sometimes adult conversation is everything. When the schools returned after the summer break and we started to get in to a routine of going to toddlers and meeting other children.

It was then that things get crazy.....

I met one of the mums and got chatting, turns out we had very similar interests and got along quite well. One day we were talking and just having a general discussion about what we want from life and where we see ourselves in the future.  We discussed the possibilities of going in to business together even looked a properties. Once we had calmed down and looked at the technicalities and expense of the whole thing, we balked at the idea and had another discussion. My potential partner was already self employed and had a wee business that needed a bit of time to help it grow, but we were told that she would have to close that business and then reopen with me as a new business. Neither of us felt comfortable with that, so we decided to look at other options.

My friend now how her own Etsy store and although not mega successful, it does tick along nicely. I'm sure that the quality of her work will shine through and once her name gets about she will do amazingly well.

I'm still a stay at home grandparent, but I work at a local hotel for 3 shifts per week, and am trying to build a stock of items to sell at Christmas fares. I would love to have my own shop one day and I'm not getting any younger, but for the moment I'm quite happy to spend two day a week at my sewing machine making whatever pops in to my head. I have a lovely lady who comes round on a Tuesday morning for a couple of hours and we sew, chat and drink coffee, which is lovely. She learns something new each week and I love passing on my knowledge to her.