Saturday, December 31, 2005

Almost over

Feeling Hopeful

Well it's been a strange year this year. I wasn't sure what I was going to expect when the bells rang in the new year, it certainly wasn't this.

Since writing last, I have started a new job as a carer in the community and love every minute of it. I have also been doing a quite a few commission pieces for various people.

My first one was a few months ago and I made a lopi sweater for a lady who lives a few miles from me. When she first showed me the colours I thought oh no, but they looked rather good together. The main color was a marled pink, sort of an old rose colour with flecks of red and white in it. The main contrast was a deep claret colour and the highlight was a natural cream. I was really pleased with the outcome and so was she.

The only downside to making the sweater was that I broke one of my Denise flexi cables tips. I didn't know what to do, so I wrote to the company asking if I could get a replacement from somewhere. I received a lovely email back from Emily Krag saying that the needles were guaranteed and that they would send me a free replacement. I gave her the size and my home addy and sure enough less than a week later my replacment arrived. I call that excellent customer service.

My next project was a bit of a bolt from the blue. I've been a member if a custom knitting web site for a while, but don't have many hits per year, so was surprised when I received an email asking me about my knitting. I almost deleted it without opening, but something stopped me. When I did read it I had to read it again to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. The email was from Jean Moss Handknits and was written by Philip Mercer, in it he was aksing if I would be interested in helping them out and making an item for them. Would I ring them if I was interested. I promptly sent off and email saying that I would be interested and attached a picture of the christening dress I made earlier in the year. After a week or so the yarn for the new project arrived and the pattern came a few days later. I can't say much about the pattern other than it is for a new book, but i can say lots about the yarn. The yarn is called Jaeger Trinity and is a blend of cotton and silk with polymide. I hate the feel of it, the way it knits up and everything about it. I'm a very neat and even tensioned knitter, but this stuff makes it look like an amateur had done the knitting. The stitches are all over the place and every so often there is a hole that is bigger than the rest. It also has the tensile strangth of a pat of butter. It takes no effort to snap the yarn, just one swift tug and it snaps. I wouldn't want to spend almost £4 per ball on something that is likely to snap with the slightest effort. At the moment the project is on a back burner because there is a problem with the pattern and I am waiting for a reply from Jean.

My next project came only a few days ago. I got and email from Shilasdair asking me if I would be interested in making a jumper for them. I was going to say no, but I thought what the hell, and am going to do something for them.

The pay isn't a lot for any of the items, probably less than £1 per hour, but that's not the point for me. I know that the Jean Moss thing will be photographed and put in her new book and that will be there for ever. The other stuff is just something to pass the time and for that I'm happy and looking forward to 2006.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Fun things

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Monday, July 25, 2005

There goes summer

Feeling Chillin'

I've finally started knitting again after quite a break. For some reason I just haven't wanted to pick up my needles or fondle my yarn. I just don't know what on earth has been wrong with me. I am a yarn addict and love feeling it moving between my fingers and patting it whilst trying to think of something to make with it. My head is usally fizzing with unmade items and shapes that I want to try to recreate, but nothing seemed to be there. The thought of knitting has just left me feeling blah. I've done everything possible not to knit. When I've felt the urge to be creative, I've just made cards and glued, stamped, embossed and glittered until the urge went away.
Suddenly last week the urge to pick up my needles was strong and I dragged out some yarn and sat for a couple of hours and it felt good. I went to my stitch and bitch group and it was great to be able to speak the same language as others, instead of being on my own I was with like minded people again. Does this sound pathetic? Or is it a need that every person has? I love my family, I love my home and yet the craft that I love felt as though it was just another chore to be ignored. Maybe I've been in a rut, and am slowly climbing out of it. Maybe it has been the thought of having my mother in law come to stay for 2 weeks and nagging the hell out of me ( now that's another story). I've no idea what caused it, but am sure glad that I've found my way back.

On a lighter note, today is my 18th wedding anniversary, and my 2nd daughter's 15th birthday. My beloved bought me a lovely sapphire braclet, earring and necklace set. It's so delicate and light and I love it. I bought him a bluetooth headset for his mobile phone. I know a strange gift, but one he appreciated and is overjoyed with. My husband and his gadgets are infamous. Even his pals call him "Inspector" (Gadget).

#2 daughter was overjoyed with her present. We bought her a new bass guitar to go with her acoustic and lead that she already owns. She had friends come round and I prepared a buffet for them all.

Dh wanted to go out, but after getting everything ready and spending all afternoon cooking, then going out is the last thing on my mind.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A little adventure

Feeling Hopeful

Well it's that time of year again and the Royal Highland Show has come to town. I should really say it has come to Edinburgh, but that doesn't sound the same does it? My friend has two items in the handicrafts competition, so we are heading down on Saturday morning to see how she has done. I'm going to meet her tomorrow and then stay the night at her house before we head off very early Saturday morning. I think my friend is planning to be up before the birds. I can't wait to see all the stands and try to find some bargains. I want some silk for spinning and some paper making things, plus some more card stock.

I've not been doing any knitting for the past couple of weeks, but have been really in to card making. I've been embossing, glueing and sticking to my hearts content. I think my hubby has reached a stage of quiet despair with me. At least it's keeping me happy and I feel a lot less depressed than I did. I keep looking at my yarn and have no inclination to even pat it. Now that isn't me, I'm normally prowling the house if I have nothing in my hands. Maybe I'm just getting lazy and my brain is addling.

Last weekend was very busy and I did a heap of baking for the school summer fete. I then helped out and it was so warm that I thought I would melt. It was Father's day on the Sunday and by that afternoon I was shattered. I made a large cooked breakfast for everyone and it was nice for a change for us all to sit down and eat together. There's usually onl the four of us these days. Number one daughter spends all her time with her boyfriend and we hardly ever see her. She did make an effort and stay in though. We went to the local farmer's market and I bought some card making things things, and then we did a bit of shopping. I fell asleep on my husband at 4pm and woke up an hour later. I then had to think about making him a special meal which I did and then he had to go in to work for 11pm.

News Flash: Just had a phone call from my friend. She received a 4th place in the crocheted cushion section and a 1st place in the spinning section for a 2ply tweed yarn that looks like a forest pool. I'm so pleased for her,

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I haven't felt like writing in here for a while. Mainly because there is nothing to write about. I still haven't got a job, and slowly but surely the weight is piling on from the lack of exercise. The house gets cleaned in the morning and I just potter for the rest of the day. Dh wouldn't dream of leaving me any moey so that I could go shopping unless of course I asked him for some. He usually replies that I should wait until he gets home and we can go together. He's never spent any length of time at home without money or the means to getmoney out, so has no idea how demeaning it feels. I try to tell him, but after 20 years I've just given up and just potter about doing my own thing. He isn't tight and will buy me just about anything that I ask for, but once in a while I would like to just have the money to buy it for myself. One of the reasons I love working is that the money I earn goes in to my bank account and I have control of it. Of course most of it goes in to the house, but there is money there for me to buy things with.
The next few weekends are busy, we are going to two barbeques this weekend, so will be on a starvation diet all next week because our arteries will be jam packed solid with fat :-) The weekend after is the school summer fete and i'm not only helping out, but baking too. I thought it was this week and had prepared myself for a day of constant baking today. I might still do some though.
Not much knitting done, in a rut.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm getting old :(

Feeling Surprised

It's official, I've become a middle aged parent. Why you ask. Well, number 1 daughter left school yesterday. She is one of the youngest people in her year, so she is still 16, yet has completed and extra year in school. This is the start of her study leave and she will be returning back to school to do the odd exam, but that's it. No more school for her. Of course she may want to go to college, but that's an entirley different prospect.
I must be getting old because there is a van parked outside and it is playing the loudest music ever and I want to go out and hit them. Normally it would be me playing the loud music and the neighbours complaining. Where does the time go to. I remember leaving school, and the worry about getting a job, then meeting my beloved. It seems like only yesterday, when in fact it was 21 years ago. I sometimes forget how old I am, then I look in the mirror and am reminded of it when I see this middle aged pudding staring back at me.
I was supposed ot be going to my SnB tonight, but I don't feel well and my right leg is swollen up for no reason. I miss not seeing the girls, we have a good laugh and are rude about our partners. We also get some knitting done, but not as much as any of us would like.
I started on a new project today, can't say much though because the recipient might be listening. I will say that it is going to be big, and is a blur of various shades of pink. It isn't pastel pinks either, there are bright day glo pinks in it, and raspberry colours, it almost looks like a raspberry ripple ice cream. I only started it last night and have managed to do about and inch and a half already, so it is fairly cracking on.
I just realised the music isn't the van outside, but it is from number 1 daughter, oh yeah, I can kick her butt :-) I feel happy now.

Eh, you're not old. Imagine how I felt when Lynne dragged me down onto the field to see Billy Idol and Social Distortion. :)
Comment from theycallmemum - 24/05/05 15:56

LOL, we were listening to some 80's stuff the other night, and the kids thought we were mad because we were singing along. #2 daughter loves most of the stuff I liked at her age.
Comment from gazandt - 09/06/05 12:00

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh what a life

Feeling Quiet

I'm in one of those can't be bothered moods today. I have lots of house work, but can't be bothered to do it. I have lots of knitting and again can't be bothered. I think it is because the weather has changed yet again. We had some lovely days last week , the sun was shining and it was warm. I went out on Saturday and bought some tomato plants, some flowering plants for my tubs and a couple of cucumber plants. The tomatoes and cucmbers went straight in to my mini greenhouses, and I planted the margarites in my big tub. Then the weather changed. We've had rain, hail and frost, it was even trying to snow yeaterday. No wonder everyone is full of cold and miserable. I keep praying that my plants will survive. Luckily the mini greenhouses have plastic covers instead of glass, so they keep the heat in and the air moist. Unfortunately the wind can get in underneath the covers and it is at the exact height of the plants. The sun is shining today, but it is windy and cold.

On Friday one of my SnB buddies came round and we had a lovely afternoon talking stash and knitting. We had planned to do some knitting, but time just flew away. We also went in to town and I bought myself a selection of doilies to go with my ever increasing collection. They are all hand made and are pretty. I dunno what I'm going to do with them yet, but one day I might take them out and display them somewhere.

Yesterday was spent helping my friend at her house. She has a lovely house that is like an alladins cave, but it is dire need of a good sort out. She is getting very despondant so I offered to go help her out at least once a week. I was offered pay, but turned it down. If I can't help out a friend then who can I help. I get my lunch made for me and lots of little treats, so I am happy. I got some silk for spinning and it is lovely. It needs some preparation, but I managed to sort some of it out and did some spinning this morning. It was rainbow dyed in very bright primary colours and looked wonderful. I plied it with some black merino that I had and the effect is stunning. There's only a small sample at the moment, but I think I might do some more of it. I enjoy spinning, it just takes up too much time though. I feel guilty just sitting and doing it. I'll give the house a good clean this afternoon, and then spend the evening sorting and preparing, and maybe tomorrow will be a spinning day. The house has been neglected over the weekend, and the washing has piled up beyond belief. I don't know where it all comes from. I suppose 5 people do have a lot of clothes to wash including towels, and bedding etc.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of Regia 6ply socks. They look okay and feel nice on, but I'm not sure of the colours. Why is it that some yarn looks great on the ball, but looks blah when you knit it up? I can never understand it myself. I need to get cracking on my tea cosy for the competition in Australia, I think it will be great fun. I've never made a tea cost before, and can't decide on the design that I should do. I've been thinking about something with a Scottish theme, but aren't sure how to translate that in to a design. Do I do the touristy thing like tartan and Scotty dogs, or do I do the celtic thing, or do I do the castle thing or.....or......Or do I do something completely different? There are so many things whirring around this old nogging that it is difficult to actually stop and pick something out. Maybe I should just make something for Lynettes baby and put the tea cosy on hold. SO many things, not enough time.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A week of interviews

Feeling Quiet

No I haven't had a job interview, but my beloved has, and oldest daughter should be in the middle of her first ever one now. She has applied to be an apprentice painter and decorator. One of her teachers openly laughed at her when she told him, and he thought she was taking the piss. He said that she would be wasting her brain if she did something like that. I think it is an idela opportunity and that she should go for it. She has always wanted to be an interior designer, and this would be an ideal grounding for her before she goes to college or uni. I told her I've got plenty of rooms that she can practise on :-) The company that she's applied ot work for are in Ellon, so there would be no travelling, and they do a varied range of jobs. She would have to learn specialist paint techniques, hanging wallpaper, some interior desing, colour matching etc. Once she is qualified she could work for herself, and it would be quite a good job.
I haven't done much knitting this week, I've just been in a bit of a rut. I have a cold creeping round my system and it is making me tired and ratty. I do keep getting out my stash and fondling every so often. I think I'm all knitted out at the moment.

I dunno - I think it's a great opportunity personally, esp. if it's what she loves to do. What is that teacher talking about?

And what is taking the piss? lol!
Comment from thorawashere - 30/04/05 02:08

Some of her teachers are too opinionated for their own good.
"Taking the piss"; "extracting the urine"; "taking the mick"; are all phrases used to mean that someone is poking fun at another person, or having a laugh at their expense. If someone makes a statment and you don't believe it, you say that they are taking the piss, or having a laugh.
Comment from gazandt - 01/05/05 10:03

Hope everything goes well with everyone and their job interviews.
I would love to have someone come and design the rooms in my house.
Comment from time4moretea - 07/05/05 20:47

Still haven't heard about the interview. I asked and she said that it might be next week before she hears. I applied for a new job on Friday and got and email yesterday to say the position had already been filled :(
Comment from gazandt - 10/05/05 11:28

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stash Increases Daily

21 April 2005
16:59:00 o'clock BST
Feeling Happy
Hearing Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I had a great afternoon yesterday. I went to my friends house and we chatted, read some books, and did a little knitting. After that we decided to go through her stash and give it a little sort out. As we were sorting things she kept throwing different yarns my way. I ended up with three bags full of different yarns. Most of it was pure wool, and there was the odd ball of glittery stuff in it. It all started because I wanted to make the monster slippers from Stitch and Bitch Nation and I didn't have the right yarn needed. I'm using a rose coloured lopi that is going to be perfect.
I still haven't taken any photos of my finished projects, but will do that tomorrow, I promise. Tonight it is Stitch and Bitch in Aberdeen so am going to go for a bit of girly stitching time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Feeling Chillin'

Thought I had better say hello to my reader and update you on my utterly exciting life :-) After the mammoth knitting project, I've been very quiet and not done a great deal this past week or so. My whole body and my brain ached from all the concentration and I've just about recovered.
Last week was a lazy time for me. My friend came over on Thursday and we looked at books, went for lunch and did a bit of shopping. It was great. We were both very tired, but it felt good to just be girly for a while. I saw a couple of things that I want for me, but they will keep for another time.
My beloved decided that he wanted some new work clothes, and we went in to Aberdeen on Saturday to get him some. The whole city centre was heaving with people. The main road in the town was blocked off and there was an international street market. Most of the folks were French and the smells from the different stalls were fantastic. I bought so much stuff that I had to go to the indoor market and buy myself a pull along shopping bag. The food was amazing, and the black pudding was out of this world. I have never tasted anything like it. I also bought two bunches of dried lavender from Provence, and they are in jugs in my kitchen. I have some dried grasses and they look pretty together.
I have finished a baby blanket from the Yo-Yo yarn that I bought a few weeks ago. It looks good, and is now on the washing line. I've only been doing brainless - no thinking - knitting this week, my head just won't stretch to patterns or anything strenuous. Someone on Knitflame described it well, she said she had brains farts, and that's just how my brain feels.
Oh, and I got my Stitch and Bitch Nation from Amazon. It wasn't until after it arrived, that I realised one of my friends was mentioned in the acknowledgments. It turns out that she was one of the knitters for the book, and she made the black fishnet stockings. I vaguely remember her mentioning something about it, but didn't take much notice at the time because I was busy with work and stuff. She says her only regret is that she wasn't the designer, because she would have made them in the round.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Feeling Happy

The jacket is finished. I am totally worn out. My joints ache and my back is sore, but that's it, over and done. I managed to get all the pieces done on time, and they are looking pretty darned good. All the ends are sewn in, and it has been lightly pressed. The good thing is that I don't have to post it off. My student is coming here to collect it. She will be tired when she gets here because she has driven all the way from London, via Sheffield. I am expecting her about 12 midnight.

I'm not posting any pictures until it has been made up, that way it is going to be a surprise.

I've started crocheting a bag that I got off a web site, can't remember which site. It's just a plain old string type shopping bag, I'm using some of my stash because hubby keeps telling me I have to reduce it. I must admit that it is getting a bit on the wild side. I keep finding different bags with yarn in, most of which I'd forgotten about. The yarn I'm using for the bag is some that I bought in Ireland 3 years ago. It's been sitting there and taunting me ever since. I hate to think about the cost of the yarn that I hold. Some of it is cheap stuff, or bought in sales, but I have some yarn that was almost £6 and that was reduced from £7.95 per ball. I have 6 balls of that. I also have a fairly large amount of fibre for spinning or felting. Maybe I should take up felting and sell my wares. I've never really done much felting. I've done knitted felt, but not proper felting where you layer lots of different colours together to make a picture or piece of fabric.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Anyone up for this challenge?

I asked this question on the Yahoo group that I belong to. I think it is going to be fun to take part and it will also give me a chance to play around with textures and colours. I keep dreaming of different ways to make one, and how long it is going to take me.
What, you ask is the stupid woman talking about. Well I'm talking about this.
Isn't it a grand idea :-)

The project isn't turning out how I would have liked. For some reason one of the sleeves is wider than the other. I've ripped it out, and started it again and it hasn't changed the width at all. There is definitely something weird going on. I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to get the sleeve finished tonight, then I can start on one of the fronts or maybe the back tomorrow. The entire jacket has to be in London by Friday at the latest. If the yarn had been ordered on time, and hadn't been delayed then, I might have stood a chance, but it is hard going trying to work out a pattern from a piece of paper, and get ot right first time. I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to write the pattern, I'll probably have to delay that by a week or so. I was a naughty girl and went out this morning instead of staying in and knitting. I'm glad I did go out, because my beloved bought me a lovely amber and silver bracelet. It is slightly celtic in design, but is lovely on and feels like it was made just for me. Most bracelets that I buy have to have at least two links removed, but this one just sits right on the wrist. Aren't I a lucky girl. There were some bracelets that had pieces of amber in that were as big as hen's eggs, but I thought that they might be too big for me. I might save up my meager pennies and see if he has any more pieces over the next few months and might buy myself another one.

I saw my old neighbours today, and it was lovely to see them. When their little boy saw me he ran up and jumped in to my arms. I got the longest of hugs and then he told me he loved me. It was so sweet that I could have wept. I miss them, and I miss my old house. I know I have more space here, and have gone up a notch in the social scheme of things, but who cares, I loved my old, cold, draughty house.

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I love my Denise

I got my Denise knitting needles today, they are wonderful. Normally my hands would be aching after a couple of hours constant knitting, but they are feeling fine. The only problem is that I made the first sleeve of the project, it was ok, and I was happy with it. However, I made the second sleeve with my Denise needles and boy what a difference. The whole shape was more to the design, and the sizes were a lot closer to my pattern. So, I took the bull by the horns and ripped out the first sleeve. This is the fifth time I've done this. I could have just about made the whole bloody thing by now. Normally I owuld do two sleeves together, but I'm using two different yarns together and that would have meant four different yarns, the possibilities of twisting and getting in a muddle are endless. Let's hope this time it is right.

The one bad thing about all this knitting is that I'm not moving about as much as I normally would, and have put on about half a stone in weight. My legs are all puffed up and I feel like an old woman. No wonder the image we have of knitters is of an overly ample matronly looking woman. I've turned in to her. Well, to be honest I wasn't far off it before.

On another note, I just spoke to my pa and he is back from Dublin. He said the funeral went well and the church was packed on both ocassions for Violet. She was a very well loved and respected lady. He's tired and misses her, but he is glad that she is at rest now.

Friday, April 01, 2005

In memory of.

This time last year, was a particularly difficult time for me. There had been a numbr of funerals, and sadnesses, and this year it seems like it is going to be more of the same.

My aunt Violet died on Wednesday evening at 11pm BST. I wanted to mark her passing with a poem that I heard at my friends funeral last year. Whenever I read it, it gives me a peace inside that I cannot understand, but I accept it without question.

Parable of immortality ( A ship leaves . . . )
by Henry (Jackson) Van Dyke - 1852 - 1933

I am standing by the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch
until at last she hangs like a speck of white cloud
just where the sun and sky come down to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says, 'There she goes!
Gone where? Gone from my sight - that is all.

She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the places of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says,
'There she goes! ' ,
there are other eyes watching her coming,
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout :
'Here she comes!'

And that is dying...........

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Samples sent

I got a reply from my email and am to carry on doing exactly what I had started doing. The scans have gone down a trea, let's hope the actual samples work as well. I sent them off today, so they should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. I started the sleeve, and it looks good. That reminds me I have to print out some knitters graph paper to graph the decreases on the sleeve tops. I like the one that I have linked to because you can input your own specs and it will print it out for you.

I heard from an old friend today. We haven't been in touch for a long time. She has gone through a divorce and has other things going on in her life, so it was nice to hear from her. I wrote to her to tell her that my aunt was dying, but wasn't sure if I would get a reply. I did and it was nice.

The weather in Ellon has been miserable for the past few days. Last week we had lovely sunny days, but today it was cold and blah. I had to go to the shops and got soaked even though it wasn't raining. It was one of those typically Scottish days. It was a good day to sit and knit. My back aches from sitting for so long.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Work finished this year

I've been quite a busy little bunny this year. I've managed to get quite a bit completed and am happy.

I bought some yarn at the Stitchcraft show in Aberdeen and was really looking forward to using it. What a cack thing it is to use. It is hell to work with, but looks quite good when it is finished. I hated every stitch of it. When I bought the yarn I received a pattern with it that said I needed one ball for a scarf and two for a shawl. I made a shawlette, and only used one ball. The other ball is sitting gathering dust and waiting for me to have a fit of madness and use it. I'm not giving it away or selling it, you never know, it might get better with age.

The yarn is called Melody and is by the South West Trading Company.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Well, the project has been started, the yarn finally arrived on Thursday. I've plodded along and done four different samples. I was going to pop them in the post tomorrow, when I got an email fom the student I'm helping. She's done a sample or two on her own, and has made them using bigger needles and has asked me to do my samples on the same size needles and send her scans of the finished pieces. I don't know whether to spit or rip it all out and start again. Of course the decision is hers entirely, she's the designer, but Bugger, BUGGER, BUGGER!!! I've sent her scans of the samples I've done and am awaiting a reply.

I have been waiting to start this project for the longest time, but am getting nervous now. What if she doesn't like my work, what if I make a mistake, what if..............

To calm my nerves I started a scarf in my bagpuss yarn. I will post piccie when I've finished. It's looking quite good. I got the idea from the Clapotis on Knitty , but have adapted it for a straight scarf. I was going to try a felted bag, but couldn't be bothered going out to the garage to get my mega thick needles.

Well it's 2.45am and well past my bedtime, so I'm off to dream about knitting ;-)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Look at these prices

A few years ago, I was asked todo some samples for a new company who were just starting out in London. They had done one previous collection, and were retailing in companies like the one I have given the link to. The deal was. They send the yarn and design, or item they want copying, then send it back to them. They then add embellishments like ribbons and bows etc. At the time I said no because I was just about to have surgery on my hand and would be out of action for months. I never gave it a thought until tonight when I was trawling through my old addresses. I followed a link to their suppliers and couldn't believe the prices they were asking.

Last night I did a very naughty thing. I bid for a set of Denise needles. My bid was only a few dollars over the previous bid, and it had 18 hours to run. Little did I know that I would win. I now have to tell my beloved that I've just spent £35 on needles that I don't really need. I think that I'm going to have to put some books on Ebay. Oops!!!

Knitting Guru
You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting
and do it all the time. While finishing a piece
is the plan, you still love the process, and
can't imagine a day going by without giving
some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation
involves leaving ample space for the stash and
supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn
ends and you begin.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I had my interview

I phoned the woman at AFC and spoke to her this morning. She asked me to go in this afternoon. Of course I couldn't say no, now could I. I spoke to the customer services manager and it sounds like I'll be office bound and doing tele sales again. This time I'll be working from their data base and only selling to existing customers. I'm willing to give it a try if they are willing to offer me the position :-)

I really rattled along last night. The socks are finished, and the sweater needs another 6" to finish sewing it up. Only problem is the arms are too long :( I'm going to have to cut off quite a bit and then add a new wrist band. I know there are people out there shouting nooooo, but it's ok I know what I'm doing :-) I measured, and measures and made sure that I stuck to the pattern sizes, and still they look like they would fit Guy the gorilla.

I didn't get the job :( (29/03/05)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Woo hooo - I got a reply

15 March 2005
19:29:00 o'clock GMT
Feeling Hopeful

Oh my goodness, I got a reply from one of the jobs I went after. I applied to work as a customer services person with the Aberdeen Football Club, and I got an email today saying that I had to phone them to make an appointment for an interview. I am so happy. The money isn't brilliant, but it is more than I've been earning for years. I'm going to phone first thing in the morning and will get a time then.

I finished the wrap that I've been making today. It was quite hard and lumpy until I washed it, but it feels better now. It hangs quite low at th erfont and will look quite nice with a big broach or clasp attached to it. I've also almost finished a pair of socks, so I am really rattling those pins.

Monday, March 14, 2005

A new day, a new week, a new job?

14 March 2005
11:25:00 o'clock GMT

Well folks, it's the start of a new week. We've had snow all weekend, but today the sun is shining and the snow is almost gone. I'm supposed to be writing out my cv today, but am so bored with the whole thing. I know that I'm supposed to be applying for a new job, but it sucks, I hate all this selling yourself shite. I was out with some of my old colleagues over the weekend, and boy do I miss them. We had a great time, I got drunk, but not too drunk. Left the nightclub at 3 am and got home around 4.

On the knitting front, I have almost finished a mohair wrap in a lilac colour. Still not sure if I like it, but I'll know better once it has been washed and fluffed up. G is complaining because the mohair is going everywhere and getting up his nose. Well he gets up mine sometimes, so all's fair in love and knitting :-) I want to finish his sweater, but the sewing up is driving me crazy. I tried it on him on Saturday and found the body part is going to fit wonderfully, but the sleeves a waaay to long. I followed the pattern and measured everything at least five times. Why do knitting patterns always have to have sleeves that would fit Inspector Gadget's stretchy arms?

The project that I'm supposed to be doing hasn't started yet. I'm still waiting for the yarn to arrive. My deadline for samples is Friday, it's Monday now and no yarn. I can't work miracles. When the stuff does arrive, I'm going to have to work through the night to get the samples made, washed and down to London in time. What a bummer. The designer has ordered two different yarns, both will have to be knitted seperately, then both together. This is so that we get an overall idea of how they work on their own and together. I also need to make samples for my portfolio, so it's going to be madness here for a few weeks. The pieces have to be made from a flat pattern design, so there's going to be a lot of measuring and planning involved. I can't wait, and yet am nervous. What if it all goes tits up and I get the blame. Me and my big mouth.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Nothing new in Ellon land

02 March 2005
19:53:00 o'clock GMT
Feeling Chillin'
Hearing Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Well I came back from London, but don't seem to have done a great deal since returning. I'm still waiting for yarn and the pattern to be sent to me, and the day of completion is getting closer. I don't how I'm expected to complete something when I haven't got the tools to do it.

I need some adult conversation, G is on night shift and the kids are at school all day, so life gets a little lonely. I did phone my friend today, and we had a nice long chat until her phone conked out. G can't understand how we can spend hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing. He's one of those boring buggers who only says about 6 things and then rings off. It's like getting blood out of a stone.

I'm hoping to go to anothe SnB meeting tomorrow night. We've had 3 in the past 5 weeks, pretty good going for us. I'm enjoying having knitting buddies around me, it feels good. I've managed to finish knitting G's sweater, now all I have to do is sew the thing together. I hate sewing knitted things together, it's a pain in the arse.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Off for a few days

15 February 2005
20:45:00 o'clock GMT
Feeling Hopeful
Hearing hell is for heros

On my way to London tomorrow. Should be an interesting few days. My student is meeting me and then I am staying at their house. Thursday will be a day for working and ironing out any problems in their design, plus trying to work out sizes of the pieces that I am doing.

Friday, February 11, 2005


11 February 2005
21:06:00 o'clock GMT
Feeling Happy

I know it's been ages since I wrote, and a lot of things have happened to me.

Firstly, my new job was going well, and I loved every minute of it. I worked hard, played hard and got on with my colleagues. Christmas came and went in a flurry. New Year came and went, then on the 5th of January we were told that we were all redundant. Needless to say we were all shocked, but money talks, and a new company had bought us out. The next few weeks went by in a flurry of sales, angry customers, grippy customers and exhaustion at the end of my shift.

Secondly, I have been asked to help a fashion design student out with their end of course piece in London. I'm going down next week to see what I can do, and to help sort out which pieces I am going to knit up. I am really excited about doing this because I have applied to go to college and start a textile design course.

Thirdly, I have been helping my friend out today and feel very spoiled indeed. She has given me two black bags of fibre for spinning, plus a heap of craft magazines to go through for reference sources. I'm just itching to get going and sort it out.