Thursday, June 09, 2005


I haven't felt like writing in here for a while. Mainly because there is nothing to write about. I still haven't got a job, and slowly but surely the weight is piling on from the lack of exercise. The house gets cleaned in the morning and I just potter for the rest of the day. Dh wouldn't dream of leaving me any moey so that I could go shopping unless of course I asked him for some. He usually replies that I should wait until he gets home and we can go together. He's never spent any length of time at home without money or the means to getmoney out, so has no idea how demeaning it feels. I try to tell him, but after 20 years I've just given up and just potter about doing my own thing. He isn't tight and will buy me just about anything that I ask for, but once in a while I would like to just have the money to buy it for myself. One of the reasons I love working is that the money I earn goes in to my bank account and I have control of it. Of course most of it goes in to the house, but there is money there for me to buy things with.
The next few weekends are busy, we are going to two barbeques this weekend, so will be on a starvation diet all next week because our arteries will be jam packed solid with fat :-) The weekend after is the school summer fete and i'm not only helping out, but baking too. I thought it was this week and had prepared myself for a day of constant baking today. I might still do some though.
Not much knitting done, in a rut.

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