Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh what a life

Feeling Quiet

I'm in one of those can't be bothered moods today. I have lots of house work, but can't be bothered to do it. I have lots of knitting and again can't be bothered. I think it is because the weather has changed yet again. We had some lovely days last week , the sun was shining and it was warm. I went out on Saturday and bought some tomato plants, some flowering plants for my tubs and a couple of cucumber plants. The tomatoes and cucmbers went straight in to my mini greenhouses, and I planted the margarites in my big tub. Then the weather changed. We've had rain, hail and frost, it was even trying to snow yeaterday. No wonder everyone is full of cold and miserable. I keep praying that my plants will survive. Luckily the mini greenhouses have plastic covers instead of glass, so they keep the heat in and the air moist. Unfortunately the wind can get in underneath the covers and it is at the exact height of the plants. The sun is shining today, but it is windy and cold.

On Friday one of my SnB buddies came round and we had a lovely afternoon talking stash and knitting. We had planned to do some knitting, but time just flew away. We also went in to town and I bought myself a selection of doilies to go with my ever increasing collection. They are all hand made and are pretty. I dunno what I'm going to do with them yet, but one day I might take them out and display them somewhere.

Yesterday was spent helping my friend at her house. She has a lovely house that is like an alladins cave, but it is dire need of a good sort out. She is getting very despondant so I offered to go help her out at least once a week. I was offered pay, but turned it down. If I can't help out a friend then who can I help. I get my lunch made for me and lots of little treats, so I am happy. I got some silk for spinning and it is lovely. It needs some preparation, but I managed to sort some of it out and did some spinning this morning. It was rainbow dyed in very bright primary colours and looked wonderful. I plied it with some black merino that I had and the effect is stunning. There's only a small sample at the moment, but I think I might do some more of it. I enjoy spinning, it just takes up too much time though. I feel guilty just sitting and doing it. I'll give the house a good clean this afternoon, and then spend the evening sorting and preparing, and maybe tomorrow will be a spinning day. The house has been neglected over the weekend, and the washing has piled up beyond belief. I don't know where it all comes from. I suppose 5 people do have a lot of clothes to wash including towels, and bedding etc.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of Regia 6ply socks. They look okay and feel nice on, but I'm not sure of the colours. Why is it that some yarn looks great on the ball, but looks blah when you knit it up? I can never understand it myself. I need to get cracking on my tea cosy for the competition in Australia, I think it will be great fun. I've never made a tea cost before, and can't decide on the design that I should do. I've been thinking about something with a Scottish theme, but aren't sure how to translate that in to a design. Do I do the touristy thing like tartan and Scotty dogs, or do I do the celtic thing, or do I do the castle thing or.....or......Or do I do something completely different? There are so many things whirring around this old nogging that it is difficult to actually stop and pick something out. Maybe I should just make something for Lynettes baby and put the tea cosy on hold. SO many things, not enough time.

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