Thursday, April 28, 2005

A week of interviews

Feeling Quiet

No I haven't had a job interview, but my beloved has, and oldest daughter should be in the middle of her first ever one now. She has applied to be an apprentice painter and decorator. One of her teachers openly laughed at her when she told him, and he thought she was taking the piss. He said that she would be wasting her brain if she did something like that. I think it is an idela opportunity and that she should go for it. She has always wanted to be an interior designer, and this would be an ideal grounding for her before she goes to college or uni. I told her I've got plenty of rooms that she can practise on :-) The company that she's applied ot work for are in Ellon, so there would be no travelling, and they do a varied range of jobs. She would have to learn specialist paint techniques, hanging wallpaper, some interior desing, colour matching etc. Once she is qualified she could work for herself, and it would be quite a good job.
I haven't done much knitting this week, I've just been in a bit of a rut. I have a cold creeping round my system and it is making me tired and ratty. I do keep getting out my stash and fondling every so often. I think I'm all knitted out at the moment.

I dunno - I think it's a great opportunity personally, esp. if it's what she loves to do. What is that teacher talking about?

And what is taking the piss? lol!
Comment from thorawashere - 30/04/05 02:08

Some of her teachers are too opinionated for their own good.
"Taking the piss"; "extracting the urine"; "taking the mick"; are all phrases used to mean that someone is poking fun at another person, or having a laugh at their expense. If someone makes a statment and you don't believe it, you say that they are taking the piss, or having a laugh.
Comment from gazandt - 01/05/05 10:03

Hope everything goes well with everyone and their job interviews.
I would love to have someone come and design the rooms in my house.
Comment from time4moretea - 07/05/05 20:47

Still haven't heard about the interview. I asked and she said that it might be next week before she hears. I applied for a new job on Friday and got and email yesterday to say the position had already been filled :(
Comment from gazandt - 10/05/05 11:28

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