Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know, it is only the middle of October, but I am off work for a week and I have been trying to get ahead with my Christmas preparations.

Last weekend my hubby ordered me a new sewing machine, so I am waiting very impatiently for that to arrive. I hope it's soon.

I have started to make a Christmas throw using some fabric that I bought recently. I made a bit of a boob when doing the first block. I was going to have the holly fabric going from small to large and then in to the flowers, with the opposite side being quite neutral. As you can see I got carried away and put it on opposite corners. I quite like the effect, so will do the rest of the blocks the same way. I am making six blocks like this, and will then probably do something different round the edges. I haven't quite decided what yet. Unfortunately the picture doesn't quite show the colours very clearly, but it is very Christmassy and vibrant.

The cushion is something that I started making a few years ago from a kit I found when trawling a charity shop. I was very good and had hand sewn all the pieces on except the reindeer. I got bored with it and put it away to work on when I got the urge. A few months ago we converted our study in to a craft room and as I was sorting through my rather large stash of card making and scrap booking items, I found the bag with this in. I bit the bullet and decided to complete it and this time decided to satin stitch around the edges with the sewing machine. There are a few errors, and Santa doesn't have any eyes yet, but I am happy with it. The back is made from a cheap fleece throw that I bought in our local Asda (Walmart).

The weather here is very damp and miserable today, so it is ideal for sitting in front of my machine and playing. I also have my computer behind me, so I can listen to my favourite tv shows via C4 on demand or I can listen to one of the presentations from Create & Craft, providing it isn't Stephanie.


Susanna said...

The block looks very nice. The quilt will be lovely.
I was in Alexandra Palace three weeks ago at the needlecraft show. It was great.

knitsnspins said...

Hi Susanna, Thank you for your comments. The quilt is coming aloong nicely, and I hope to have it ready for Chrsitmas. I still haven't managed to get to Ally Pally. I keep saying I wil go and then forget about it.