Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nothing much

13 May 2004
18:33:00 o'clock BST
Feeling Chillin'
Hearing The Rasmus

Well here goes, the first entry in a new journal.

In 4 weeks time my oldest daughter is going to be 16 and I'm dreading it. I remember those days well and know how hard it is to be one of the crowd. I pray that she has got a good enough head on her shoulders to realise that if she makes a mistake or gets bad grades in her exams it isn't the end of the world and we will be there to support her. She is a good kid and as yet we have very few complaints about her, but 16 is that funny age when you are no longer a child, and yet not quite an adult.

On the knitting front, I have been commisioned to make a christening dress for my cousins first child. It is taking a while just to get the pattern sorted out, but I think I have it. There's a few months until it has to be completed, and I hope that I can get it done on time. Whilst doing that I also have a very large sampler to do for my daughter. I only hopes that she will appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to it. I wanted to make her something that shows how much she is loved and how grateful we are that she is our daughter. Soppy, I know, but that is the way I feel about her.

Work has been kind of crazy these past few weeks, we are 3 staff down and everyone has to fill in, but I seem to be doing the lions share. I've stepped back this week and two of the other girls have taken over some of the responsibility at last. Hopefully in a few weeks it will settle down. Today I was asked if I would like to work at the hotel again, I'm not sure if I want to do it yet. The old owner is still there and I can't stand her, she is a pain in the rear end. I might think about it in a few weeks time when she has left the property.

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