Saturday, April 02, 2005

I love my Denise

I got my Denise knitting needles today, they are wonderful. Normally my hands would be aching after a couple of hours constant knitting, but they are feeling fine. The only problem is that I made the first sleeve of the project, it was ok, and I was happy with it. However, I made the second sleeve with my Denise needles and boy what a difference. The whole shape was more to the design, and the sizes were a lot closer to my pattern. So, I took the bull by the horns and ripped out the first sleeve. This is the fifth time I've done this. I could have just about made the whole bloody thing by now. Normally I owuld do two sleeves together, but I'm using two different yarns together and that would have meant four different yarns, the possibilities of twisting and getting in a muddle are endless. Let's hope this time it is right.

The one bad thing about all this knitting is that I'm not moving about as much as I normally would, and have put on about half a stone in weight. My legs are all puffed up and I feel like an old woman. No wonder the image we have of knitters is of an overly ample matronly looking woman. I've turned in to her. Well, to be honest I wasn't far off it before.

On another note, I just spoke to my pa and he is back from Dublin. He said the funeral went well and the church was packed on both ocassions for Violet. She was a very well loved and respected lady. He's tired and misses her, but he is glad that she is at rest now.

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