Saturday, April 09, 2005


Feeling Happy

The jacket is finished. I am totally worn out. My joints ache and my back is sore, but that's it, over and done. I managed to get all the pieces done on time, and they are looking pretty darned good. All the ends are sewn in, and it has been lightly pressed. The good thing is that I don't have to post it off. My student is coming here to collect it. She will be tired when she gets here because she has driven all the way from London, via Sheffield. I am expecting her about 12 midnight.

I'm not posting any pictures until it has been made up, that way it is going to be a surprise.

I've started crocheting a bag that I got off a web site, can't remember which site. It's just a plain old string type shopping bag, I'm using some of my stash because hubby keeps telling me I have to reduce it. I must admit that it is getting a bit on the wild side. I keep finding different bags with yarn in, most of which I'd forgotten about. The yarn I'm using for the bag is some that I bought in Ireland 3 years ago. It's been sitting there and taunting me ever since. I hate to think about the cost of the yarn that I hold. Some of it is cheap stuff, or bought in sales, but I have some yarn that was almost £6 and that was reduced from £7.95 per ball. I have 6 balls of that. I also have a fairly large amount of fibre for spinning or felting. Maybe I should take up felting and sell my wares. I've never really done much felting. I've done knitted felt, but not proper felting where you layer lots of different colours together to make a picture or piece of fabric.

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