Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I had my interview

I phoned the woman at AFC and spoke to her this morning. She asked me to go in this afternoon. Of course I couldn't say no, now could I. I spoke to the customer services manager and it sounds like I'll be office bound and doing tele sales again. This time I'll be working from their data base and only selling to existing customers. I'm willing to give it a try if they are willing to offer me the position :-)

I really rattled along last night. The socks are finished, and the sweater needs another 6" to finish sewing it up. Only problem is the arms are too long :( I'm going to have to cut off quite a bit and then add a new wrist band. I know there are people out there shouting nooooo, but it's ok I know what I'm doing :-) I measured, and measures and made sure that I stuck to the pattern sizes, and still they look like they would fit Guy the gorilla.

I didn't get the job :( (29/03/05)

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