Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Woo hooo - I got a reply

15 March 2005
19:29:00 o'clock GMT
Feeling Hopeful

Oh my goodness, I got a reply from one of the jobs I went after. I applied to work as a customer services person with the Aberdeen Football Club, and I got an email today saying that I had to phone them to make an appointment for an interview. I am so happy. The money isn't brilliant, but it is more than I've been earning for years. I'm going to phone first thing in the morning and will get a time then.

I finished the wrap that I've been making today. It was quite hard and lumpy until I washed it, but it feels better now. It hangs quite low at th erfont and will look quite nice with a big broach or clasp attached to it. I've also almost finished a pair of socks, so I am really rattling those pins.

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