Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Work finished this year

I've been quite a busy little bunny this year. I've managed to get quite a bit completed and am happy.

I bought some yarn at the Stitchcraft show in Aberdeen and was really looking forward to using it. What a cack thing it is to use. It is hell to work with, but looks quite good when it is finished. I hated every stitch of it. When I bought the yarn I received a pattern with it that said I needed one ball for a scarf and two for a shawl. I made a shawlette, and only used one ball. The other ball is sitting gathering dust and waiting for me to have a fit of madness and use it. I'm not giving it away or selling it, you never know, it might get better with age.

The yarn is called Melody and is by the South West Trading Company.

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