Saturday, March 26, 2005

Look at these prices

A few years ago, I was asked todo some samples for a new company who were just starting out in London. They had done one previous collection, and were retailing in companies like the one I have given the link to. The deal was. They send the yarn and design, or item they want copying, then send it back to them. They then add embellishments like ribbons and bows etc. At the time I said no because I was just about to have surgery on my hand and would be out of action for months. I never gave it a thought until tonight when I was trawling through my old addresses. I followed a link to their suppliers and couldn't believe the prices they were asking.

Last night I did a very naughty thing. I bid for a set of Denise needles. My bid was only a few dollars over the previous bid, and it had 18 hours to run. Little did I know that I would win. I now have to tell my beloved that I've just spent £35 on needles that I don't really need. I think that I'm going to have to put some books on Ebay. Oops!!!

Knitting Guru
You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting
and do it all the time. While finishing a piece
is the plan, you still love the process, and
can't imagine a day going by without giving
some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation
involves leaving ample space for the stash and
supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn
ends and you begin.

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